We are happy to offer you a long-term car rental services (for 1 month and more).

We hope that the rental decisions we propose will be useful to you as supplying your staff with necessary transport means, as well as reducing your company‘s expenses for purchasing, leasing and maintenance of your cars, as well as saving your company‘s cash flow from purchasing new cars, as well as unloading your staff with the concerns about car maintenance.

ASISTUS Operational leasing benefits:

  • Only fixed lease fee is to be payed. No additional car purchase or lease contract administration fees;
  • You can choose the rental period. This allows you to plan each car‘s expenses up to 36 months in advance;
  • Commitment for the operating lease shall not be included in the company‘s balance sheet, and the car rent is considered to be company‘s operational cost;
  • There is no need to worry about your cars‘ insurance and technical maintenance;
  • No unplanned expenses for repairing your cars;
  • There is no need to hire additional staff for taking care of your car park and no need to waste their time and energy for cars maintenance for your current employees;
  • There is no need to take care about selling your cars.

We will do these works for you free of charge during the whole lease period:

  • State registration of a car and mandatory state technical inspection;
  • Conclusion of insurance contracts;
  • Administration of insured events;
  • Technical maintenance;
  • Organization of repair works;
  • 24-hour technical aid;
  • Alternate car during repair or maintenance;
  • Purchase, seasonal change and storage of tires;
  • Interior and exterior car wash during maintenance (at the request in advance).
  • Lease period – from 1 months to 3 years
  • Initial fee – 1-month lease fee
  • Administrative tax – none

Operational leasing fees (*) for the cars offered by ASISTUS.

Please contact us and we will give you our best special offer.